How to Buy a Used Shipping Container

Shipping containers are storage boxes that are commonly used in the transportation of products and goods through the land or the sea. Know more about the definition of shipping containers in this link here. They are generally made from steel which makes them resistant to the weather and durable. Other people buy shipping containers in order to convert them into housing units, storage, or offices.

The first step in buying a used shipping container is to choose the right size according to your needs and preferences. There are a lot of sizes that are available. They can range from 40 ft, 20 ft, 10 ft, and more. The standard shipping container can be 8.5 ft high, and 8 ft wide. The standard ISO size can come in two lengths that are 40 ft and 20 ft. There are high cubed containers that can be 9.5 ft tall with the same length and width. Some of the smaller ones can range from 8 ft to 10 ft. Standard containers are more than enough to store 100 washing machines and this can give you a good idea on how to make the most out of them.

The second step is to look for your model as well as your desired features in a container. You can know more about this by searching online. If you are able to find a legit seller, make a point to meet with them in order to make sure that the unit is still in good condition. Arrange for the delivery and shipping arrangements so that you will have your very own container in just a space of a few weeks.

How to Buy a Used Shipping Container

Things to Know when Choosing a Container

Make Sure You Have Enough Space for the Containers

Ensure that the container will have its own place in your property. Your property should be large enough to accommodate the container without blocking the entrance or exits of your house. You might also want to check with your local authorities if you need special permits in order to keep your container. If you are located in a city or in an urban area, there might be associations that can charge you fees when you are keeping a Connex box. You may want to live instead in another place where the container will not cause any unnecessary traffic for you and your neighbors. Choose farms and other agricultural property whenever possible.

Choose Between the Standard and High Cube Containers

As mentioned above, the containers can range in different sizes and shapes. Two of the most popular containers include the standard ones and the cube-shaped ones. You might want to get the high cube containers if you are considering a housing project since they can provide more overhead space. You can put your lights, cooler, or heater above the high cube ones since they can provide you an extra foot in height.

Make a decision according to your needs, preference and size requirements. Looking for custom-made containers can be a lot of work if you are buying used ones. But if you may consider yourself lucky if you are able to find containers that can match perfectly with what you need. You might find images on the right website that can help you a lot in choosing the right container for you.

Select Containers that Have A-Grade Ratings

How to Buy a Used Shipping Container

Most people buy used containers because they are the cheaper option. If you are one of them, you don’t have to compromise about quality just because you are buying second-hand containers. What you can do is to look for containers that are nearly new. They are still in their best conditions and can last for a long time. However, they might have a higher price tag compared to those containers who are really used.

A container is considered as an A-grade if it has fresh paint, waterproof, and with minimal dents.

B-grade containers are those that are usually with few dents and dings. They are not really used in shipping but they might have stayed on ship ports for a very short time. They are still sturdy and waterproof. However, you might find a few dents on them as well as some rusting in some parts of the container.

C-grade containers are the ones that have a lot of imperfections. They might be the cheapest option for you but they might require expensive repairs and maintenance. You might want to do some work on them if you want to convert them into a home or an office space. The C-grade ones are not the ideal option for personal storage. They might have holes and other defects which can make the water or other pests get inside and ruin your goods.

There are a lot of container features that you can choose from. This can include double doors, single doors, air conditioners, outdoor locking options, internal lock systems, and shelving. Since you decide on buying used containers, you may not find all of these features on used containers. However, having a standard can point you to the direction of the container that is right for you. You can know more features in this site here: Even if the Connex box only has one door but has the right flooring, you can put a hole on the other end to make it into a double-door container to meet your preferences.

Where to Find the Right Container

If there are no shops nearby that sell shipping containers, your best option is to look for them online. You can simply put keywords on your browser and look for companies or people that sell Connex boxes. It is helpful if you already set a budget as it will help you sift through the thousands of options available on different websites. You might want to take note of how near is the supplier on your location and how many days it will take before the container arrives on your doorstep. When you find the right container, you should also confirm if the seller is a legitimate one by looking for online reviews.