Tricks to book hotels at lowest prices

Accommodation is an essential part of any trip. Half of your overall expenses of a trip goes on accommodation. No matter where you go, you need to find a comfortable and safe place for yourself to stay. If you’re into travel and hotels for a long time, you must agree to the fact that finding such rooms at a cheap rate have become very tough these days. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot get discounts, fantastic deals and codes for hotel bookings to save money.

All you need to do is be with us as we discuss some tips and tricks on how to book a hotel at a cheaper rate. Keep these tricks in mind and use them the next time you plan a trip. Now let’s go through the money-saving tricks:

  1. Look for price drops: As soon as you’re sure of the date of your travel, start looking for hotels. Note the prices and see for the price drops. Don’t hurry for making the booking until you get the best deal. Travel and hotel experts say that there’s a massive drop in hotel prices during weekdays as compared to that of weekends. Moreover, Tuesday afternoons hold a record of showing the lowest booking prices.
  2. Search for coupon codes: Finding a discount coupon code for hotel booking isn’t that easy but if you invest some of your time, you can come up with an excellent coupon code. Such code may benefit you for up to 40%. Isn’t that worth your time? So, before you book a hotel, search for coupon codes online and save your money. Look for easyHotel voucher code, and you’ll be delighted to receive the discounted price.

    Tricks to book hotels at lowest prices

  3. Snag other traveller’s cancelled rooms: Maximum of the websites list other traveller’s unwanted rooms. They offer you to book that room at a cut price. These are rooms that are reserved by other, but they don’t want them anymore. The travellers who can’t cancel such booking can sell their reservations at a cheaper rate to other travellers.
  4. Stay Midweek: It’s evident that people look for hotels and resorts for weekends to spend some time away from their busy life to relax and rejuvenate with friends and family. So, it is a tendency of hotels to keep the prices high for weekends. But for weekdays, the prices are relatively lower. So, you should try to stay during weekdays, if possible, to save a handful of money. Also, it should be noted that hotels in the business district are cheaper on weekends as they are in demand during weekdays. Hence, make your booking accordingly.
  5. Get Discount Gift Card: Don’t limit your gift cards to Pizza and Starbucks. Gift cards can save you a lot of money on hotel bookings. Buy gift cards that offer special discounts on hotel bookings and use them while making the reservation. Discount Gift cards can be highly effective in making your room relatively cheaper. So, the next time you get a gift card for hotels, use it for your bookings.
  6. Book within the cancellation period: Hotels have a cancellation period before 24 or 48 hours of the stay. When someone cancels their reservation in the last minute, hotels offer such rooms at a cheaper rate. You can make use of such opportunity and make a booking at the lowest price. Undoubtedly this is a risky call but at least better than paying a fortune in advance. When you know that rates are high, and you won’t get any discount, take the chance and wait for the last moment. Don’t follow this trick when you’re a getting a good deal beforehand. In such a case, you might end up spending more.
  7. Maximise your Credit card: Often, hotels offer a discount to the credit card holders. We won’t ask you to be hog wild with your card but holding one can attract amazing deals and discounts. Interesting, isn’t it?
  8. Use memberships: Travel organisations offer huge discounts on hotel bookings, car bookings and much more to those who join them. So, if you also want amazing discounts on hotel prices, you can sign up and join such organisations. Membership discounts can help you save up to 75 per cent on accommodation worldwide. Also, military members, AAA and AARP members are also offered huge discounts. So, if you’re among them, make proper use of it.

These points can save you a lot of money, and you can use that money for other purposes, if not anything else, then shopping! And yes, we wish you a happy stay!